Whistleblowing Policy


Init Group has implemented a whistleblowing policy as part of its commitment to strengthening good corporate governance. At Init Group, we place a high value on integrity and seek to uncover unethical, illegal, or indefensible practices.


Employees, customers, and external collaborators of Init Group are provided with an additional channel to report unethical, illegal, or indefensible practices that contravene Init Group’s policies and values. This policy relates to serious matters that may threaten Init Group’s financial performance or reputation, such as fraud, bribery, extortion, misuse of internal information, violation of financial regulations, or similar issues.


The purpose of this policy is to complement the management system, enabling both leadership and employees to anonymously report on objectionable conditions, serious transgressions, or suspicions thereof within the company. This is intended to be done without placing the whistleblower in an uncomfortable situation or jeopardising the whistleblower’s status within the organisation.


Access Init Group’s whistleblowing policy at: https://whistleblower.beierholm.dk/portal/2860