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a “logistical masterpiece” .

Init handled the control, supervision and integration of all technical systems in a new service building at the Malmö Hospital grounds. The new building unites all hospital service functions under one roof, improving infrastructure and increasing efficiency in daily hospital operations.

The intention with the new service building is to unite several functions, which used to be spread across the hospital area, under one roof. This includes medicine supply, goods delivery, lab tests, laundry, offices, canteen and conference rooms. The aim is to upgrade the entire infrastructure to ensure more effective service and daily operations.


Integrating diverse requirement into one automated building

Init was in charge of the integration of all technical systems and facilities in this high complexity project where several functionalities had to be accommodated in one building.


For instance, the building houses a laboratory which is coupled to the different hospital care units through functional systems for transportation of samples, e.g. an intricate pneumatic tube system. The laboratory also has an advanced piping system which enables staff to tap ethanol, formalin, and Xylen directly from the faucets in the lab.


Transport intensive functions like goods delivery, meal delivery, waste handling, postal and package handling, etc. require rooms with direct access to cargo area – where shunting areas with loading dock is of high importance. The building also encompasses power plant, dressing rooms, cooling facilities, safe rooms, sprinkler systems and administration.

Benefits for patients, staff and environment

The new service building is the central nerve for the entire Malmö Hospital and is described as a “logistical masterpiece”. With the help of robots, the building provides the entire hospital with textiles, food, medicine and samples in an efficient way, using new culverts for transportation and technical installations.


This allows hospital staff to focus on providing care for patients and the automated solutions have helped to increase patient safety, operational efficiency and reduce co2 emissions.


Strong collaboration between all project stakeholders was key to the project’s success.


We succeeded in establishing a great collaboration between project owner, entrepreneurs and the different functions, where we have been open-minded and helped each other. That’s something I have seen work exceptionally well in this project.

Dennis Åkesson, Coordination Strategist, WSP.

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