New companies | Nebb becomes part of Init | 29 October

Nebb becomes

part of Init.

With the acquisition of Norwegian Nebb, Init strengthens its position on the Scandinavian market.

Init was established in January 2022 with the merger of Danish Picca and PD-Automation, and includes Swedish-Norwegian Acobia, Swedish Martensson Consulting and the Danish companies Logimatic, AN Group, Inuatek, 3Tech Automation, ProjectBinder, MBB Consult, Daniit. and now Norwegian Nebb.

“Nebb has strong organisations in both Norway and North Macedonia constituting a great foundation for further development and growth, in which we have found Init to be the best partner for us. The partnership is built on a common a strategic vision, similar values, and the motivation for working together for the greater good of our employees, our customers, and our planet.

Alexander Risøy, CEO of Nebb

Nebb will maintain its current activities, including work and project approaches, and the management will continue in their current roles.


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