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Tailormade surveillance solution for

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By & Havn is heading the establishment of the 275 acres artificial peninsula of Lynetteholmen, which will form a new city district in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. The district will add approximately 20,000 homes and 35,000 jobs to the city.


Until the district’s expected completion in 2070, the area is one huge construction site for many years to come. Security and access control are of utmost importance to the project owner, and Init has, in cooperation with SH Group, delivered a system for monitoring and control of access roads which are considered critical infrastructure. Init’s contribution entails an advanced video surveillance solution with integration to ERP.


Advanced camera surveillance system for top level security


Init has contributed to the vast project with an all-round surveillance solution, which focuses on securing optimal infrastructure and a safe construction site environment.


By & Havn wanted a surveillance solution that meets the strictest surveillance requirements, so Init has deployed a tailored solution consisting of a complete video management system (VMS) and an advanced camera setup, consisting of no less than 76 cameras in total.


The cameras make sure that access to the area is limited to people who work on the project and help create a safe and secure construction site.


Tailored solution ensures system and equipment robustness


Built on the stable and flexible Milestone XProtect Platform we ensure a reliable system with a minimum of downtime. The Milestone system also provides a front-end interface where operators can control surveillance and the system can be integrated directly into third party platforms, enabling monitoring in existing control system or SCADA. Based on data from the cameras, we can provide additional data processing. We also ensure that network equipment works optimally as to enable high data speed and, with that, as few system errors as possible.


Init’s IT specialists has configured the system, so it matches By & Havn’s specific requirements for an integrated solution covering video surveillance, network interaction, access control and intercom. Likewise, Init has tailored the ERP interface specifically to By & Havn so the system can automatically import By & Havn’s license plate database. At Init, we excel in tailoring solutions beyond off-the-shelf offerings, showcasing a crucial aspect of competencies.


Init’s solution is also custom-made for the Lynetteholmen project in terms of hardware design. With the construction site’s location at the shore, it is much exposed to the elements. Consequently, Init has made the video surveillance equipment of materials that can endure the tough conditions, which cover e.g. strong wind carrying both sand and saltwater.


Testing new waters for CCTV advisory and implementation


Init continues to be a partner to By & Havn for the future, delivering fast support and maintenance for all systems and equipment. With an estimated project timeline of up to 50 years and a fast moving digital development, we are expecting a number of upgrades in the coming years, to keep a constant high level of quality in the surveillance solution at Lynetteholmen in Copenhagen.

The advanced camera system

Six of the cameras have automatic number plate registration – so-called ANPR cameras – and help ensure that only vehicles with a permit can enter the construction site. 10 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras that can be controlled manually allow security staff to monitor irregularities in real time and ensure – even from a remote location – that everything is under control.


No less than 60 Init CCTV cameras from Init monitor the access roads. The CCTV cameras entail an artificial intelligence system which can recognise colour, number plate, brand and model of a vehicle – as well as which direction the vehicle is moving.


Moreover, the cameras have built-in incidence detection and can register so-called “loitering”, which in the context means registration of e.g. a vehicle that stays within a given perimeter in a defined period, for instance because of a car crash. The cameras are also capable of fire detection. If the cameras pick up any irregularities, they will set off an alarm. This enables the operator act fast and ensure the right type of action to avoid long and unnecessary queuing or other unintentional incidents.

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