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Building management system for Bavarian Nordic’s filling facility

Bavarian Nordic wanted to ensure efficient control of all building automation in its new filling facility covering isolator technology, large scale freeze drying, and packaging.

In 2018, Bavarian Nordic began construction of a 3,200 m2 fill-finish facility in extension of its existing large-scale vaccine manufacturing facility in Denmark. Equipped with isolator technology, and with large-scale lyophilisation, labelling and packaging line, the new facility will further improve Bavarian Nordic’s ability to manufacture multiple products, e.g. smallpox vaccine, at commercial scale. The new facility has been designed with a potential annual capacity of up to 40 million doses of liquid vaccines and 8 million doses of freeze-dried vaccines.

Bavarian Nordic wanted to ensure efficient control of all building automation in the new filling facility and entrusted Init with the task of building a state-of-the-art building management system. Init’s automation specialists programmed an advanced building management system in the Siemens TIA portal with a SCADA solution based on iFIX.

The BMS was built in parallel with the fast-track construction project. This caused significant design changes to the BMS and changes to the schedule, all which was accommodated in the automation project.

Init’s dedication and skilled project engineers were key to a good result. We have added Init to our list of preferred suppliers for future projects.

Lars Bruun Frederiksen, Automation Responsible, Bavarian Nordic.

With the new building management system, Bavarian Nordic is able to ensure correct and consistent climate conditions in the production environment.

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