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Automated, cloud-based solution increases efficiency in aquaculture facility

Skagen Salmon’s new facility for fish farming is built on recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) technology. The facility is highly automated and is equipped with a fish feed system, SCADA system and cloud solution from Init.

Skagen Salmon’s new facility has an annual capacity of 3,600 tonnes salmon. The fish are farmed in indoor tanks with grow out systems 1-6 and harvested at a weight of up to 4 kg. Init delivered the fish feeding system, electrical panels as well as SCADA system and cloud solution for the new facility.


Automated fish feeding system for higher efficiency

Init’s Smart Fish Feeder system is designed to eliminate the challenges of traditional fish feeder systems. Designed in cooperating with RAS designers, Skagen Salmon and other fish farming companies, the system specifically aims to:

  • Reduce the amount of feed waste during transport of fish feed.
  • Efficient & correct distribution of fish feed in each farming tank.
  • Accurate feed quantity.
  • Better traceability of the entire fish stock.


The system comes with a cloud solution, based on the SCADA system, providing real-time data from across the fish stock, enabling operators to act swiftly to any challenges.


With Init’s Smart Fish Feeder we can automate the feeding process and at the same time, we can send production data to the cloud.

David Aroca, Grow Out RAS Manager at Skagen Salmon.

Efficient monitoring of water quality

A key criterion in any fish farming facility is ensuring consistently high water quality in terms of PH value, oxygen, etc. Water quality is vital to fish health and in turn, how much the fish eat and grow.


One indicator of water quality is average performance index (API)levels. API is an expression of how much a system has been running relative to maximum capacity in the course of an hour and a day and can be used as early warnings that the water quality is falling, e.g. because of blocked filters, or mechanical errors on equipment such as pumps. The control system alerts personnel if the API level rises, enabling them to quickly identify the problem and take the right corrective action.


A control system tailored to aquaculture

The SCADA integrates data from multiple sources, providing critical real-time data insight related to:

  • Water quality.
  • Feed management.
  • Growth curves.
  • Alarms, notifications and incidents.
  • Light control.
  • Early warning.
  • Reporting.
  • Bach management.


Thanks to the cloud solution, Skagen Salmon has achieved much better traceability through all stages of production, processing and distribution.


The overall automation and IT solutions, provided by Init, help Skagen Salmon to optimise the entire production from feeding process to personnel resources. The automation solution for feeding has reduced the load on water treatment and helped to increase growth and biomass in the farming of fish. Ultimately, Skagen Salmon has increased efficiency and lowered operating costs.

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